Lightning McQueen was a very fast race car…

Sitting in Cardboard McQueen
Happy Birthday Boy

We watched Cars a few months ago, and since then my little one has been obsessed! So, when I asked the almost 4 year old what he wanted for his birthday party I was not at all surprised when he said he wanted a Lightning McQueen party.

I decided to try and keep purchases to a minimum and work with recycled materials to make a sustainable party. I started with an idea board on pinterest and got down to planning.

I like to begin with an open play activity so that our guests will have something to do while waiting for their friends to arrive. An old diaper box, a box from Costco, and a few Amazon boxes were turned into McQueen, Mater, and a gas station.

Refueling Time

Once all the guests arrived we moved onto crafts. They decorated toilet paper roll race cars with markers and stickers, and then the older brothers supervised race track construction back in the other room for the cars to race on.

Race Car Craft


On to story time. Grandma read them a Cars board book and an old family favorite, Mitchell’s License by Hallie Durand.

Then it was time for lunch and cake.

Food Table

Everyone went home happy and McQueen and Mater have been staying on as our guests. The birthday boy has been racing to school every morning because he IS Lightning McQueen, who is a very fast race car. I would call that a successful party.

For more photos check out the rest of the album on flickr:

Lightning McQueen Party

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