Happy Birthday

superdesignerHello world. My first blog post on a new blog.

Yesterday was my birthday, and so it seems like a good time for new beginnings. I am moving in a new direction and creating this blog to document where it leads me.

A former boss once called me a “Super Designer.” I suspect that most graphic designers are asked to do superhuman tasks everyday, and I am not so unique in this line of work, but I still love the idea of being a masked crusader saving the world through graphic design.

I went to graduate school to make sculptures, but spent the last 15 years or so working as a graphic designer, raising 2 kids, and just generally not making as much art as I would like to, but now those kids are in school, we have a house, and I have a studio space. No more excuses. I am casting a wide net and seeing where it takes me. I figure, hey, I’m the super designer, I can design anything.

I hope you will join me in my journey to figure out what that will be.

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